28th Aug, Saturday Night

Well.. Where should I start?.. Maybe when I told my friend Karol, that I had a bad feeling about that night, well the fact is that even having that feeling it didn’t stop me from going out, that might say something about me.. Right? Anyway, there we were.. Me, Janita, Karol and Bruno, at our daily spot.. “As Escadinhas”, ok it’s our day and night spot.. It’s where we smoke our joints, where we decide where we going next.. And best of all.. Where we feel more at ease.. Instead of being in a noisy bar, full of staring eyes and weird people.. Looking at us through unreadable thoughts, probably saying how strange we are.. When in reality.. Just cause we are not as “normal” as they expect us to be.. Doesn’t make them more strange then we are..

So we did go out and the night wasn’t different from any other night.. Where something unexpected always happens and it turns out to be the best part of the night.. But felling was still there.. And my fear of facing the cruel reality of what was going to come was more then I could take.. The reality check that I knew I was going to see but still didn’t wanna face.. The fact that the one I love.. Doesn’t love me back…


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