Two sides of everyone..

Well, haven’t had much time to come and refresh my blog, but who cares anyway cause i’m one of the few people who knows it exists so it’s like i’m talking to myself.. wich is quite terapeutic actually, and some might say lunatic.. but I think it helps me see more clearly how I think.

Well I was supossed to talk about how everyone has a good and bad side, and also remind everyone that having this two opposite sides does not mean that i’m cynical, cause it doesn’ make me a two personality person (like Gemini’s), what it means is how one can react to a situation in two opposite ways in a good way or a bad way, and cause I’m a Scorpion, makes me especially marked in this aspect of my personality.. we don’t feel satisfied with 50% loool, we are always like a 8 or 800 🙂 we don’t settled for half.. or all or nothing.. or we like it or we don’t.. threre’s no middle point.. wich makes me a devil or a saint in every situation.. and mostly I must confess I more of the angel side, but I must admit that when I turn in to the devil side i’ts not a pretty picture.. and I think I like more of my devil side cause it’s more protective of myself, I don’t get hurt that easily.. and I always end up winning in every situation.. but unfortunatly underneath of that dark side of me.. is always my pure side.. which gets hurt so many times.. that is some times hard not to hide it.. cause for real.. who in this days wants to be hurt? Nowone, that’s why I have this theory.. that when I say that almost everyone I meet all are sluts, cynical, try to use and abuse of everything they see, and want and destroy.. cause in reality.. they are exactly like me.. they to have a good side.. which got hurt so many times and so their pure side is so dam hide inside them selves.. even buried in some cases.. the point is am I being too naive.. lool I think not either way.. I will still be living divided in this two sides of me.. or is it two sides of everyone?

Take care xxx


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