Alex in the City


I have always lived in a capital city, call me lazy.. I used to see it as high quality of life, the kind where you have everything you need in a standard wifi range area. Unfortunately one ends up getting not only what they need, but more often than needed one ends up having all types of trash at their doorstep. I’m not going into a political, racial or even religious view as I’m free with no shackles to any group, I’ve never been into groupies,  most of the time I was the outsider even when in a group.

Living in the city is great, you will always get what’s best of the country you’re in. Commodity for me is the key, this is the reason why we as a human race end up constructing cities, and with it comes all the consumerism, materialism and objectification of everything around us including ourselves, still feel sorry for the pets thought. I avoid judging such frivolous behaviour as I do, myself, live in the city of sins and I’m no angel.

I also proud myself for the quick and easy insertion into any minority group in the neighbourhood I’ve lived in, it’s more the large majority of imbeciles that scare me big time. For as long as we separate each other with borders and map out postcodes to create gangs or when some rules apply to some while others get a free card, we ALL need to get in formation as one, unified all with the same goal, all with the same rights, all with the same freedom to do whatever and be whoever or live wherever.

And the absence of all that really does make me want to move away from the big city, and exile to a cabin in the woods and become self sufficient living of the land, what the hell went wrong in our urban evolution for me to suddenly feel the need to go  hundreds of years back in search of happiness. Technology overload alert…



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